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      C-protein α-antigen modulates the lantibiotic thusin resistance in Streptococcus agalactiae [1]
      C-reactive protein and in-hospital mortality in acute ischaemic stroke [1]
      C-reactive protein but not soluble cd40 ligand is associated with the severity of angiographically verified coronary artery disease [1]
      C-reactive protein concentration in persons with serum lipid concentrations within recommended values [1]
      C-reaktivni protein i smrtnost kod hospitalizovanih pacijenata sa akutnim ishemijskim moždanim udarom [1]
      Cadmium and decabrominated diphenyl ether mixture: In vitro evaluation of cytotoxic, prooxidative and genotoxic effects [1]
      Cadmium and lead content in Hypericum sp collected from different areas of Serbia and in its commercial herbal mixture and oil [1]
      Cadmium and lead content in Thymus sp. Grown in different areas of Serbia [1]
      Cadmium as oxidative stress inducer in brain of subacutely exposed rats and its implication on zinc level [1]
      Cadmium content in Hypericum perforatum L. and Thymus serpyllum L. from localities of the mountains Rtanj and Ozren [1]
      Cadmium Exposure as a Putative Risk Factor for the Development of Pancreatic Cancer: Three Different Lines of Evidence [1]
      Cadmium in human pancreatic cancer - preliminary report [1]
      Cadmium sulfide-induced toxicity in the cortex and cerebellum: In vitro and in vivo studies [1]
      Cadmium tissue level in women diagnosed with breast cancer – A case control study [1]
      Cadmium toxicity revisited: Focus on oxidative stress induction and interactions with zinc and magnesium [1]
      Cadmium, Mercury and Lead in Hypericum perforatum L. collected in Western Serbia [1]
      Caffeine antagonises the antihyperalgesic effect of levetiracetam in a rat model of inflammatory hyperalgesia [1]
      Caffeine antagonizes the antinociceptive effects of carbamazepine and oxcarbazepine in a rat model of inflammatory hyperalgesia [1]
      Calcium and magnesium content in hard tissues of rats under condition of subchronic lead intoxication [1]
      Can non-cholesterol sterols and lipoprotein subclasses distribution predict different patterns of cholesterol metabolism and statin therapy response? [2]