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      H2FPEF score predicts atherosclerosis presence in patients with systemic connective tissue disease [1]
      Habitat-related adaptations in morphology and anatomy of Teucrium (Lamiaceae) species from the Balkan peninsula (Serbia and Montenegro) [1]
      Habitat-related variation in composition of the essential oil of Seseli rigidum Waldst. & Kit. (Apiaceae) [1]
      Haematological and iron-related parameters in male and female athletes according to different metabolic energy demands [1]
      Handgrip muscle force characteristics with general reference values at Chelyabinsk and Belgrade students [1]
      Haotropni efekat trifluorosirćetne i perhlorne kiseline na formiranje inkluzionih kompleksa između β-ciklodekstrina irisperidona, olanzapinainjihovih srodnih supstanci [1]
      Harm Caused By Counterfeit Medicines - The Major Problem In Sport After Doping [1]
      Hashimoto Thyroiditis and Dyslipidemia in Childhood: A Review [1]
      HDL 2 Particles are associated with hyperglycaemia, lower PON1 activity and oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients [1]
      Health promotion: Activities of pharmacists in community pharmacy [1]
      Health risk assessment of toxic metals and toxigenic fungi in commercial herbal tea samples from Belgrade, Serbia [1]
      Healthcare associated Clostridioides difficile infection in adult surgical and medical patients hospitalized in tertiary hospital in Belgrade, Serbia: a seven years prospective cohort study [1]
      Heat processing of soybean kernel and its effect on lysine availability and protein solubility [1]
      Heavy metal and pesticide exposure: A mixture of potential toxicity and carcinogenicity [1]
      Heavy metal contents in samples of Hypericum and Thymus spec. collected from different mountain areas in Serbia [1]
      Heavy metal contents in Veronica species and soil from mountainous areas in Serbia [1]
      Hematocrit effect on dried blood spots in adults: a computational study and theoretical considerations [1]
      Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in Elite Soccer Players during A Competitive Half Season [1]
      Hematological, oxidative stress, and immune status profiling in elite combat sport athletes [1]
      Hemija novijih inhibitora agregacije trombocita i fibrinolitika [1]