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      L-FABP can be an early marker of acute kidney injury in children [1]
      Labelling of stock preparations and extemporaneous drugs: National and international legislation and practices [1]
      Laboratorijska dijagnostika hroničnih oštećenja jetre [1]
      Laboratorijska podrška u dijagnozi hipertireoidizma [1]
      Laboratory diagnostics of chronic liver diseases [1]
      Lack of association between low HDL-cholesterol and elevated circulating cellular adhesion molecules in normolipidemic CAD patients and healthy subjects [1]
      Lack of clastogenic effects of L-thyroxine in whole-blood cultured human lymphocytes [1]
      Lactobacillus fermentum Postbiotic-induced Autophagy as Potential Approach for Treatment of Acetaminophen Hepatotoxicity [1]
      Lactobacillus Helveticus L10 Supplementation Modulates Immunity Parameters in Elite Athletes [1]
      Lactobacillus helveticus lafti L10 supplementation modulates mucosal and humoral immunity in elite athletes: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial [2]
      Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti L10 supplementation reduces respiratory infection duration in a cohort of elite athletes: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial [2]
      Lactobacillus rhamnosus LA68 and Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 differently influence metabolic and immunological parameters in high fat diet-induced hypercholesterolemia and hepatic steatosis [1]
      Lactobionic acid as antioxidant and moisturizing active in alkyl polyglucoside-based topical emulsions: the colloidal structure, stability and efficacy evaluation [1]
      Lactobionic acid in a natural alkylpolyglucoside-based vehicle: assessing safety and efficacy aspects in comparison to glycolic acid [1]
      Lactococcus lactis and Lactobacillus salivarius differently modulate early immunological response of Wistar rats co-administered with Listeria monocytogenes [1]
      Lajmska borelioza - epidemiologija, klinička slika i terapija [1]
      Laser trilobum essential oils: composition, antimicrobial and antiradical properties [1]
      Laserpitium zernyi HAYEK Flower and Herb Extracts: Phenolic Compounds, and Anti-edematous, Antioxidant, and Antimicrobial Activities [1]
      LC determination of lercanidipine and its impurities using DryLab software and experimental design procedures [1]
      LC-MS/MS Method for Quantification of Atorvastatin, o-Hydroxyatorvastatin, p-Hydroxyatorvastatin, and Atorvastatin Lactone in Rat Plasma [1]