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      Da li je endokan novi potencijalni biomarker za steatozu i fibrozu jetre? [1]
      Da li su adultna neurogeneza i glukokortikoidna signalizacija spona između stresa i depresije? [1]
      Da li su efikasni kozmetički proizvodi za negu kože u toku i nakon trudnoće [1]
      Dabigatran - Metabolism, Pharmacologic Properties and Drug Interactions [1]
      Damaging cadmium actions in bone tissue-is there a dose dependence? [1]
      Deciphering Imidazoline Off-targets by Fishing in the Class A of GPCR field [1]
      Deciphering nifedipine in vivo delivery from modified release dosage forms: Identification of food effect [1]
      Deciphering the spatio-temporal expression and stress regulation of Fam107B, the paralog of the resilience-promoting protein DRR1 in the mouse brain [1]
      Decreased testicular weight in rats treated with polychlorinated biphenyls [1]
      Degradation kinetics and characterization of degradation products of losartan potassium by lc-ms/ms method [1]
      Dejstvo tigeciklina na vezivanje fluorohinolona za humani serumski albumin [1]
      Delayed behavioral effects of SH-I-048A, a novel nonselective positive modulator of GABAA receptors, after peripheral nerve injury in rats [1]
      Demasking large dummy effects approach in revealing important interactions in Plackett-Burman experimental design [1]
      Densitometric determination of conjugated oestrogens in the raw material and in pharmaceutical preparations [1]
      Densitometric determination of ketoprofen in synovial fluid [1]
      Densitometric determination of metoprolol tartrate in pharmaceutical dosage forms [1]
      Densitometric determination of omeprazole, pantoprazole, and their impurities in pharmaceuticals [1]
      Densitometric determination of urinary 4-hydroxy-3-methoxymandelic acid (vanillylmandelic acid) [1]
      Dependence of the Renal Excretion of Theophylline on its Plasma Concentrations and Urine Flow Rate in Asthmatic Children [1]
      Depresija i anksioznost - mogućnosti primene biljnih lekova [1]