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      E.P4 Castration of sexually immature rats affects thymic monoamine concentrations in adults [1]
      Early detection of iron deficiency in elite athletes: could microcytic anemia factor (Maf) be useful? [1]
      Early lipid and inflammatory markers of atherosclerosis in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus: effects of metabolic control and comorbidities [1]
      Early postnatal castration affects thymic and thymocyte noradrenaline levels and beta-adrenoceptor-mediated influence on the thymopoiesis in adult rats [1]
      Earthquake nucleation in a stochastic fault model of globally coupled units with interaction delays [1]
      Economic burden of cardiovascular diseases in Serbia [1]
      Economic evaluation as a tool in emerging technology assessment [1]
      Economic evaluation of different screening alternatives for patients with clinically suspected acute deep vein thrombosis [1]
      Edible wild plant Heracleum pyrenaicum subsp orsinii as a potential new source of bioactive essential oils [1]
      Editorial: Antimicrobial Nanostructured Polymeric Materials and Nanocomposites [1]
      Editorial: The Bidirectional Communication Between Neurons and Immune Cells in the Development of Psychiatric, Neurological and Immune-Mediated Disorders [1]
      Educational status, leisure-time physical activity and body composition in serbian adult population [1]
      EDXRF spectrometry determination of tungsten in tobacco plants after antiviral treatment with 12-tungstophosphoric acid and its compounds [1]
      Efect of Simvastatin on dyslipidemia in patients with diabetes mellitus [1]
      Efekat disulfirama na mehanizme reproduktivne subakutne toksičnosti etanola i/ili kadmijuma kod mužjaka pacova [1]
      Efekat ishrane cinkom na distribuciju masnih kiselina u hilomikronima plazme [1]
      Efekat ishrane kokoši nosilja smešama obogaćenim omega-3 masnim kiselinama na sastav masnih kiselina u jajetu [1]
      Efekat NGF na antioksidativnu odbranu u talamusu pacova nakon neurotoksičnog delovanja hinolinske kiseline [1]
      Efekat predtretmana sa l-name na glutation i glutation peroksidazu u strijatumu pacova na neurotoksičnost izazvanu parakvatom [1]
      Efekat samog paklitaksela, i u kombinaciji sa cikloheksimidom, na učestalost prevremene centromerne deobe in vitro [1]