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      Machine Learning Modeling of Wet Granulation Scale-up Using Particle Size Distribution Characterization Parameters [1]
      Machine learning modelling of wet granulation scale-up using compressibility, compactibility and manufacturability parameters [1]
      Magistral (galenic) corticosteroid drugs [1]
      Magistral and galenic drugs in dermatology: Past or present [1]
      Magistralni i galenski lekovi u dermatologiji - prošlost ili sadašnjost [1]
      Magistralni lekovi sa kortikosteroidima [1]
      Magnesium serum and urine concentration in patients with acute and chronic pulmonary disease [1]
      Magnesium Supplementation Diminishes Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte DNA Oxidative Damage in Athletes and Sedentary Young Man [1]
      Mahonia aquifolium Extracts Promote Doxorubicin Effects against Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells In Vitro [1]
      Male rats develop more severe experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis than female rats: Sexual dimorphism and diergism at the spinal cord level [1]
      Malonic acid concentration as a control parameter in the kinetic analysis of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction under batch conditions [1]
      Management of community pharmacy practice in Serbia: Development process during period 2000-2006 [1]
      Manuka honey attenuates oxidative damage induced by H2O2 in human whole blood in vitro [1]
      Markers of cholesterol synthesis and absorption in nephrotic syndrome [1]
      Markers of coagulation activation and enhanced fibrinolysis in Gaucher type 1 patient: Effects of enzyme replacement therapy [1]
      Markers of oxidative stress - correlation with vitamin D3 and smoking in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients [1]
      Markers of Oxidative Stress and Endothelial Dysfunction Predict Haemodialysis Patients Survival [1]
      Marmelada od maline za dijabetičare [1]
      Mass spectrometric investigation of 2‐aminopropiophenones and some of their metabolites [1]
      Massage-like stroking boosts the immune system in mice [1]