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      Tablet and capsule formulations incorporating high doses of a dry optimized herbal extract: The case of Satureja kitaibelii [1]
      Tablet disintegration and drug dissolution in viscous media: Aspirin immediate-release tablets [1]
      Tablet disintegration and drug dissolution in viscous media: Paracetamol IR tablets [1]
      Tableting of hot-melt coated paracetamol granules: Material tableting properties and quality characteristics of the obtained tablets [1]
      Tableting properties of microcrystalline cellulose obtained from wheat straw measured with a single punch bench top tablet press [1]
      Tacrolimus loaded biocompatible lecithin-based microemulsions with improved skin penetration: Structure characterization and in vitro/in vivo performances [1]
      Tacrolimus-loaded lecithin-based nanostructured lipid carrier and nanoemulsion with propylene glycol monocaprylate as a liquid lipid: Formulation characterization and assessment of dermal delivery compared to referent ointment [1]
      Tailoring Atomoxetine Release Rate from DLP 3D-Printed Tablets Using Artificial Neural Networks: Influence of Tablet Thickness and Drug Loading [1]
      Tailoring the electrochemical charge storage properties of carbonaceous support by redox properties of heteropoly acids: where does the synergy come from? [1]
      Talidomidska tragedija - lekcija iz prošlosti [1]
      Tankoslojna hromatografija nekih antihipertenziva iz grupe angiotenzin konvertujućih enzim inhibitora [1]
      Tankoslojna hromatografija nekih miorelaksanasa [1]
      Target fishing and docking studies of the novel derivatives of aryl-aminopyridines with potential anticancer activity [1]
      Targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory drugs in lower parts of gastrointestinal tract: Conventional and novel approaches [1]
      Technological approaches for improving vaccination compliance and coverage [1]
      Tečni farmaceutski preparati za primenu u pedijatriji izrađeni ex tempore [1]
      Tečni kristali u farmaceutskim i kozmetičkim preparatima [1]
      Telomerase stability and evaluation of real-time telomeric repeat amplification protocol [1]
      Temoporfin-loaded liposomal gels: Viscoelastic properties and in vitro skin penetration [1]
      Temperature influence on the malonic acid decomposition in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction [1]