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      Hromatografske metode za predviđanje apsorpcije leka posle oralne primene [1]
      Human internal thoracic artery relaxed by resveratrol [1]
      Human skin equivalents produced by in vitro cells culture: Characteristics, quality requirements and application possibilities [1]
      Humoral immunoreactivity to gliadin and to tissue transglutaminase is present in some patients with multiple myeloma [1]
      Hyaluronic acid in dermocosmetic products [1]
      Hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes from rats chronically treated with corticosterone: The protective effect of oxytocin treatment [1]
      Hydrophilic excipients in digital light processing (DLP) printing of sustained release tablets: Impact on internal structure and drug dissolution rate [2]
      Hydrophilic gel containing coenzyme Q 10 -loaded liposomes: Preparation, characterization and stress stability tests [1]
      Hydrophilic gels containing chlorophyllin-loaded liposomes: development and stability evaluation [1]
      Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography in analysis of granisetron HCl and its related substances. Retention mechanisms and method development [1]
      Hyperhomocysteinemia and smoking in primary antiphospholipid syndrome [1]
      Hyperhomocysteinemia in patients with pulmonary embolism [1]
      Hyperlipidemia and oxidative stress are the main determinants of intima-media thickness in children with chronic kidney disease [1]
      Hyperlipidemia, oxidative stress, and intima media thickness in children with chronic kidney disease [1]
      Hypertension, lipoprotein subclasses and lipid transfer proteins in obese children and adolescents [1]
      Hypertriglyceridaemic waist phenotype is associated with increased severity of coronary artery disease both in type 2 diabetes and nondiabetic patients [1]
      Hypolocomotor activity of DIAZEPAM in wistar rats is mediated by Gabaa receptors containing the Alphal, but not the Alpha5 subunit [1]
      I1-Imidazoline receptors ligands as central antihypertensives [1]
      Ibuprofen delivery: Pharmaceutical nanotechnology approach [1]
      Ibuprofen sorption and release by modified natural zeolites as prospective drug carriers [1]