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      Association of tnf-alpha and anticardiolipin antibodies in type ii diabetes mellitus [1]
      Associations between anthropometric parameters and serum lipids in preadolescent and adolescent girls and boys [1]
      Associations of Apgar score and size at birth with lipoprotein subclasses in juvenile obesity [1]
      Associations of cholesterol and vitamin D metabolites with the risk for development of high grade colorectal cancer [1]
      Associations of Common Variants in HFE and TMPRSS6 Genes with Hepcidin-25 and Iron Status Parameters in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease [1]
      Associations of lipoprotein subclasses and oxidative stress status in pulmonary and pulmonary plus extrapulmonary sarcoidosis [1]
      Associations of oxidative stress status parameters with traditional cardiovascular disease risk factors in patients with schizophrenia [1]
      Atherogenic dyslipidemia and oxidative stress: a new look [1]
      Athlete's heart [1]
      Attaining in vivo selectivity of positive modulation of alpha 3 GABA-A receptors in rats: a hard task [1]
      Attaining in vivo selectivity of positive modulation of alpha 3 ss gamma 2 GABA(A) receptors in rats: A hard task! [1]
      Attaining in vivo selectivity of positive modulation of GABAA alpha 3 receptors in rats: a hard task [1]
      Attitudes of Nurses Toward Organ Donation in Serbia [1]
      Attitudes of patients and pharmacists about the community pharmacy service of prevention and treatment of osteoporosis [1]
      Attitudes of Serbian general practitioners and pharmacists towards utilisation of clinical practice guidelines [1]
      Attractiveness of essential oils of three Cymbopogon species to Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) adults [1]
      Atypical sympathomimetic drug lerimazoline mediates contractile effects in rat aorta predominantly by 5-HT2A receptors [1]
      Authors' reply to 'Granulocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells in peripheral blood of patients with cutaneous melanoma' [1]
      Autoantibodies against human brain S-100 protein and neuron specific enolase in neurological and psychiatric patients [1]
      Autoimunskog miokarditisa primenom pentoksifilina [1]