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      Can non-cholesterol sterols and lipoprotein subclasses distribution predict different patterns of cholesterol metabolism and statin therapy response? [2]
      Can we use the eq-5d only for assessing the quality of life of patients with osteoporosis? [1]
      Can zinc supplementation ameliorate cadmium-induced alterations in the bioelement content in rabbits? [1]
      Can Zn supplementation mitigate Cd-induced bioelements disturbances in liver and kidneys? [1]
      CaNa(2)EDTA chelation attenuates cell damage in workers exposed to lead-a pilot study [1]
      Capillary electrophoresis of free amino acids in physiological fluids without derivatization employing direct or indirect absorbance detection [1]
      Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii from Serbia: Revision of CarO Classification [1]
      Carbonised polyaniline and polypyrrole: towards advanced nitrogen-containing carbon materials [1]
      Carboxyhemoglobin in blood of smokers and non-smokers determined by gas chromatography with thermal conductivity detector [1]
      Cardioprotective effect of (-) epicatechin [1]
      Cardioprotective effect of procyanidin b2 [1]
      Cardioprotective effect of red wine [2]
      Cardioprotective effect of resveratrol [1]
      Cardiopulmonary assessment of patients diagnosed with Gaucher’s disease type I [1]
      Cardiovascular disease in the elderly [1]
      Cardiovascular drug interactions in treatment of ischemic heart disease [1]
      Cardiovascular risk assessed by reynolds risk score in relation to waist circumference in apparently healthy middle-aged population in Montenegro [1]
      Cardiovascular risk estimated by UKPDS risk engine algorithm in diabetes [1]
      Cardiovascular risk factors in 7-13 years old children from Vojvodina (Serbia) [1]
      Castration of sexually immature rats affects sympathetic innervation of the adult thymus [1]