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dc.creatorIgnjatović, Svetlana
dc.creatorMirković, D
dc.creatorMajkić-Singh, Nada
dc.creatorIgnjatović, D
dc.description.abstractWe determined catalytic activities of phospholipase A (PLA), lipase (LIP), amylase (AMY) and pancreatic amylase (PAMY) as markers of enzyme transfer from pancreas to plasma during taurocholate induced experimental acute necrotizing pancreatitis (ANP) in dog. PLA was determined by a semiautomatic photometric method based on liberation of free fatty acids from phosphatydilcholine, LIP turbidimetrically, AMY by PNPG-7 ethylidine blocked substrate and PAMY by immunoinhibition technique. ANP was induced by infusing sodium taurocholate containing trypsin. For this purpose 25, mongrel dogs were randomized in five experimental groups (one as control and four as ANP induced groups): I control, II pancreatic exudate from the inflamed gland was drained and continuously pooled within the peritoneal cavity as ascitic fluid; lymph was drained and returned, III pancreatic exudate was drained without the opportunity for contact with the peritoneal cavity; lymph was drained and returned, IV same as II and V as III, but lymph was drained and was not returned. All samples were collected before and 1, 3, 6 and 24 hours after induction of ANP. The initial rise in serum AMY, LIP and PAMY was probably due to the direct transfer of enzymes via the thoracic duct. The transformation from oedematous pancreatitis to necrotizing haemorrhagic necrosis with multisystem failure is initiated by the wholesale extracellular discharge of PLA after 6 hours after induction of ANP.en
dc.publisherDruštvo medicinskih biohemičara Srbije i Crne Gore, Beograd i Univerzitet u Beogradu - Farmaceutski fakultet, Beograd
dc.sourceJugoslovenska medicinska biohemija
dc.titlePhospholipase A, lipase, amylase and pancreatic amylase activity in taurocholate induced experimental acute necrotizing pancreatitisen
dcterms.abstractИгњатовић, Светлана; Мајкић-Сингх, Нада; Мирковић, Д; Игњатовић, Д;
dc.citation.other17(2): 69-74

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