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dc.creatorKostić, Srdan
dc.creatorVasović, Nebojša
dc.creatorJevremović, Dragutin
dc.creatorSunarić, Duško
dc.creatorFranović, Igor
dc.creatorTodorović, Kristina
dc.description.abstractIn present paper, model of infinite creeping slope with Dieterich-Ruina rate-and state-dependent friction law is analyzed using methods of nonlinear dynamics. The model is examined under the variation of two parameters: time delay t(d) and initial shear stress s(0). Time delay describes the memory effect of the sliding surface and it is generally considered as a function of history of sliding. Initial stress parameter is periodically perturbed, corresponding to long duration shear seismic wave, or it could be generated by non-natural sources such as traffic vibrations. The co-action of the observed parameters is estimated for two different regimes of sliding, namely beta lt 1 and beta > 1, where beta denotes the ratio of long-term to short-term (immediate) stress change. The results of the analysis indicate that the most complex dynamics occurs for beta lt 1, when a possible Ruelle-Takens-Newhouse route to chaos is observed, with a transition from equilibrium state, through periodic and quasiperiodic motion to deterministic chaos. For beta > 1, system exhibits chaotic dynamics for t(d) = 0.1 and for delta(s) lt = 0.18. These results correspond well with the previous experimental observations on clay and siltstone with low clay fraction, indicating that the motion along the sliding surface is velocity-strengthening (beta lt 1).en
dc.publisherSpringer Int Publishing Ag, Cham
dc.sourceEngineering Geology for Society and Territory, Vol 2: Landslide Processes
dc.subjectFriction lawen
dc.subjectTime delayen
dc.subjectDeterministic chaosen
dc.titleComplex Dynamics of Landslides with Time Delay Under External Seismic Triggering Effecten
dcterms.abstractЈевремовић, Драгутин; Костић, Срдан; Васовић, Небојша; Тодоровић, Кристина; Франовић, Игор; Сунарић, Душко;
dc.citation.other: 1353-1356

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