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      Analiza uticaja životnog stila, socio-ekonomskih faktora i zdravstvenog stanja ispitanica na upotrebu lekova u trudnoći [1]
      Analysis of impact of life style, socio-economic factorsand health status on the use of medicines in pregnancy [1]
      Analysis of plasma lipid composition and lipid peroxidation parameters according to stage and duration of Parkinsonʼs disease and applied therapy disease and applied therapy [1]
      Anelacije heterocikličnih jedinjenja i njihova primena u sintezi prirodnih proizvoda [1]
      Annulations of heterocyclic compounds and their application in synthesis of natural compounds [1]
      Antidotal efficacy of newly synthesized oximes K203 and K027 in rats acutely exposed to dichlorvos [1]
      Antidotska efikasnost novosintetisanih oksima K203 i K027 kod pacova akutno trovanih dihlorvosom [1]
      Antimicrobial activity of chalcones and in vitro effect on physiological and biochemical characteristics and expression of virulence factors of methicillin - resistant Staphylococcus aureus [1]
      Antimikrobna aktivnost halkona i in vitro uticaj na fiziološko-biohemijske karakteristike i ekspresiju faktora virulencije meticilin-rezistentnih sojeva Staphylococcus aureus [1]
      Antinociceptive effect, mechanism of action and interactions of levetiracetam in somatic, visceral and neuropathic pain models [1]
      Antinociceptivni efekat, mehanizam dejstva i interakcije levetiracetama u modelima somatskog, visceralnog i neuropatskog bola [1]
      Assessment of biomarkers of cholesterol homeostasis and vitamin D metabolism in patients with colorectal cancer [1]
      Assessment of prevalence and predictors of clinically significant drug-drug interactions and their impact on clinical outcomes in cardiovascular disease patients [1]
      Biohemijski parametri oksidativnog, nutritivnog i inflamatornog statusa u predikciji mortaliteta kod pacijenata na hemodijalizi [1]
      Chacterization and optimization of binary and ternary solid dispersions and cyclodextrin-polymer systems as carriers with the aim of improving dissolution rate of poorly soluble drug [1]
      Characterization of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography system with UV and MS/MS detection in analytics and bioanalytics of olopatadine [1]
      Chemical and pharmacological characterisation of selected taxa of the genus Heracleum L. (APiaceae), autochthonous for Southeastern Europe [1]
      Chemical and pharmacological characterisation of Stachys anisochila, S. beckeana, S. plumosa i S. alpina subsp. dinarica (Lamiaceae) [1]
      Chemical and pharmacological characterisation of the essential oils of the plant species Seseli gracile Waldst. and Kit. and Seseli pallasii Besser (Apiaceae) [1]
      Chemical and physical enharcens for dermal delivery of poorly soluble drugs: comparative study of microemulsions, solid and dissolvable microneedles [1]