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dc.creatorMilenković, Branislava
dc.creatorRoganović, Maša
dc.creatorKovačević, Milena
dc.creatorĆulafić, Milica
dc.creatorJovanović, Marija
dc.creatorVučićević, Katarina
dc.creatorVezmar-Kovačević, Sandra
dc.creatorMiljković, Branislava
dc.description.abstractIntroduction: Pharmacists have a significant role in improving patient inhaler technique (HK. Reddel, et al. Eur Respir J 2008;32: 812; Alismail A, et al. Respir Care 2016;61:593). Hence, it is crucial for pharmacists to develop skills in educating patients on the correct use of inhalers. Aims: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational intervention on the pharmacists’ inhaler technique demonstration skills. Methods: The study was performed during the community pharmacists’ training classes in 2019. Demonstration of correct inhaler technique was performed for metered-dose (MDI), dry powder (DPI) and soft mist inhalers (SMI). All participants were instructed about correct technique and given placebo inhalers. After the demonstration, they were assessed on the use of each of these devices. The pharmacists were given a 1-point score for each step (1-preparation, 2-expiration, 3-inhalation, 4-holding breath) performed correctly. Results: All participants (108) showed improved inhaler technique after training (3.8±0.5 points). Friedman test showed a significant difference in achieved score depending on the type of the inhaler (p<0.05) and the lowest was with MDI. After education, 29.6% of participants had a problem with coordination of dose release and inhalation using MDIs. Only 4.6% made an error in step 3 for DPIs (strong and fast inhalation). None of the participants made an error in the same step for SMI (slow and deep inhalation). Conclusion: This method of inhaler technique training is sufficient to provide the skills to the pharmacist in educating patients about the correct use. However these results indicate that there was a difference in the ability to use different
dc.publisherEuropean Respiratory Societysr
dc.sourceEuropean Respiratory Journalsr
dc.titleInhaler technique training of community pharmacists and common errorsen
dcterms.abstractРогановић, Маша; Миленковић, Бранислава; Миљковић, Бранислава; Везмар Ковачевић, Сандра; Вучићевић, Катарина; Јовановић, Марија; Ћулафић, Милица; Ковачевић, Милена;
dc.citation.issueSuppl. 64
dc.description.otherThis abstract was presented at the 2020 ERS International Congress, in session “Respiratory viruses in the "pre COVID-19" era”.en

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