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      Fluocinolone acetonide nanosuspensions for skin delivery: influence of formulation and process parameters on physicochemical characteristics and in vitro performance [1]
      Formulation and characterization of irbesartan tablets produced by direct compression and SLS 3D printing [1]
      Formulation and characterization of oral films produced by photopolymerization technology of 3D printing [1]
      Formulation investigations of ketotifen hydrogen fumarate thermoreversible eye gels [1]
      Formulation of olopatadine hydrochloride viscous eye drops – physicochemical, biopharmaceutical and efficacy assessment using in vitro and in vivo approaches [1]
      In silico analysis of toxicogenomic data on the influence of toxic metals on the complications of COVID-19 disease [1]
      In silico анализа токсикогеномичких податка о утицају токсичних метала на компликације болести COVID-19 [1]
      Inflammation and oxidative stress markers in pediatric population afflicted by nephrotic syndrome [1]
      Influence of pH value on the formation of chitosan/xanthan gum polyelectrolyte complexes and their properties as carriers for ibuprofen [1]
      Influence of the compression force and dwell time on tableting properties of co-processed excipient and formulations with paracetamol [1]
      Investigation of the retention behavior of imidazoline and serotonin receptor ligands in TLC and HPLC systems [1]
      Lipid nanocarriers for advanced skin delivery of fluocinolone acetonide: formulation development, physicochemical and biopharmaceutical characterization [1]
      Lipophilicity assessment of α unsaturated acids using chromatographic and computational methods [1]
      Markers of cholesterol synthesis and absorption in nephrotic syndrome [1]
      Molecular modeling of ROCK1 kinase inhibitors using quantitative structure-activity analysis [1]
      Molecular modelling of sirtuin 2 inhibitors using molecular docking and pharmacophore structure analysis [1]
      Multimodal antidepressants in pain management in osteoarthritis: a preclinical in vivo study [1]
      Native and hydrophobically modified levans: analyzing potential for self-assembly in nanostructures [1]
      Parameters estimation in log-linear pharmacodynamics models with dichotomous outcome [1]
      Patients' attitudes and their willingness to pay for Point of care testing services in community pharmaciеs [1]