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      Separation of propranolol enantiomer using chiral HPLC [1]
      Significance of inflammatory markers determination in the risk assessment for the development of diabetic foot [1]
      Structural elucidation of flavonoids isolated from aerial parts of Stachys annua (L.) L. (Lamiaceae) [1]
      Students’ knowledge and attitudes toward the use of plastic packaging and possible effects of plastic components on human health [1]
      Synthesis and biological activity of halogenic chalcones [1]
      Synthesis and molecular modeling of new phenytoin derivative as promising histone deacetylase 6 inhibitor [1]
      Text mining of biomedicinal literature: orodispersible tablets [1]
      The assessment of tactile properties of the cosmetic products with emollients of different viscosity using comparative analysis of rheological, textural and tribological profiles [1]
      The effect of monacolin K administration on efficiency of the cholesterol synthesis and absorption [1]
      The role of toxic metals in the development of prostate cancer: analysis of dose-response date using PROAST software [1]
      The significance of osteopontin determination in Graves' disease [1]
      Validation and application of the RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate in mayonnaise samples [1]
      Validation of a quick and simple chromatographic method for simultaneous quantification of sertraline, escitalopram, risperidone and paliperidone levels in the human plasma [1]
      Validation of the RP-HPLC method for determining the concentration of clozapine and its metabolite norclozapine in serum [1]
      Verification and comparison of CLIA with ECLIA immunoassays for determination of procalcitonin [1]
      Volumetric brain structure alterations in CYP2C19 transgenic mouse – post-mortem structural magnetic resonance on 9.4 Tesla scanner [1]
      Анализа деривата тетрахидроканабинола применом методе молекулске сличности [1]
      Анализа квантитативног односа структуре и активности деривата никотинамида као селективних инхибитора сиртуина 2 [1]
      Антиноцицептивно дејство кандесартана у моделу тригеминалног бола [1]
      Валидација RP-HPLC методе за одређивање клозапина и његовог метаболита норклозапина у серуму [1]