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      A formulation approach for dosage forms with bitter drugs: hot-melt coating for taste-masking [1]
      Analysis of tetrahydrocannabinol derivatives by molecular similarity method [1]
      Analysis of the quantitative structure-activity relationship of nicotinamide derivatives as selective sirtuin 2 inhibitors [1]
      Anatomical and phytochemical analyses of Achillea lingulata Waldst. et Kit. herba, Asteraceae [1]
      Antinociceptive activity of candesartan in а trigeminal pain model [1]
      Application of ordinary differential equations in solving pharmacokinetic models [1]
      Assessing memory of transgenic mouse carrier of the human CYP2C19 gene using the novel object recognition task [1]
      Assessing the influence of selenium nanoparticles on production of monomicrobial and polymicrobial biofilm of the most frequent bacterial and fungal infections [1]
      Assessment of health literacy in patients with diabetes mellitus at the primary level of health care [1]
      Aнатомсka и фитохемијска анализа хербе врсте Achillea lingulata Waldst. et Kit., Asteraceae [1]
      Changes in the concentrations of cholesterol synthesis and absorption markers during the development of preeclampsia [1]
      Chelating reagents ferrozine and 1,10-phenanthroline in antioxidant activity assay for chitosan samples [1]
      Computer screening of Satureja Montana essential oil constituents for biological targets [1]
      Determination of chloride content in pharmaceutical preparations by quenching of fluorescence of the different fluorophores [1]
      Development of logistics models, from population to modern pharmacodynamic models [1]
      Dysfunction of high-density lipoprotein particles in high-risk pregnancy [1]
      Effects of vortioxetine in animal model of migraine [1]
      Evaluation of drug interaction in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia [1]
      Evaluation of safety profile of the leaves and flowers of four Heracleum taxa (Apiaceae) related to determined furanocoumarins content [1]
      Evaluation of the Beckman Coulter immunoassay for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies [1]